Feta Pi PDO 200g

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Our Feta DOP π is made the way Feta was made in the old days. It is produced with 100% sheep milk from our area coming mainly from native sheep races. In the production of our Feta π, inatead of any cultures, we use only natural sheep yougurt, this is how Feta was produced centuries ago.

For healthy and tasting reasons, in the production of our Feta π we use less salt.

Taste: The paste is semi hard, creamy and it's colour is white. The taste is sweet, creamy, lactic, round and full to the palate. The aftertaste is sweet, creamy, pleasant with delicate hints of grass and nature.

Produsent: Papathanasiou Micro Dairy, Agrinio, Hellas

PS! Så langt sender vi dessverre ikke osten. Den må hentes i butikken vår i Tjøme Sentrum.Vi jobber med saken. Ring 99 69 65 07 for henteavtale. 

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