Feta Barrel Aged PDO 200gr

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Barrel-Aged Feta PDO We have produced Barrel-Aged Feta since our very first days. To all of us Barrel-Aged Feta represents the ultimate challenge, the highest standards set in both production and research level. Our barrels are made by beech wood collected in the mountain Pindos in the Western-North part of Greece. Then the wood goes through a long process that meets the strictest aromas.

Then, as we have been taught by old craftsmen, we use every wooden barrelø only twice. This has been one of the most fundamental ideas in producing our Barrel-Aged Feta.

Produsent: Papathanasiou Micro Dairy, Agrinio, Hellas

PS! Så langt sender vi dessverre ikke osten. Den må hentes i butikken vår i Tjøme Sentrum.Vi jobber med saken. Ring 99 69 65 07 for henteavtale. 

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