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Papathanasiou Mikromeieri


I 1987 bestemte to brødre fra Agrinio, Michalis og Lambros Papathanasiou, seg for å følge drømmen, og tilby en serie autentiske greske oster til det lokale markedet.

I dag, 33 år senere, med den samme respekten for historien, og den samme dedikasjonen til Aitoloakarnanias befolkning, produserer Papathanasiou-familien oster av sauemelk fra de opprinnelige sauerasene som beiter fritt i landskapet.
I dag er Papathanasiou kjent for sin filosofi og prinsipper, ikke bare i egen region, men over hele Hellas og i mange andre land rundt om i verden.

Ostebutikken vår ligger lenger ned på siden – etter presentasjonen av ostene

De fleste tekstene her er foreløpig på engelsk, men vi arbeider intenst med oversettelsene. Produktene er forsynt med norsk varedeklarasjon.

© photo: notsobigfish productions, cyprus
© photo: notsobigfish productions, cyprus

Feta PDO Familia

PAPATHANASIOU FETA (PDO) FAMILIA is considered the top Greek feta. In making this cheese, the focus is entirely on quality and the strict rules regarding the method of production, while also respecting the tradition that the Papathanasiou family has created in mountainous Trichonida.

It is made from 100% Greek milk from the region and at least 70% sheep's milk. It has the taste of authentic feta as it ages for at least 3-4 months in brine in wooden barrels that allow the cheese to breathe and mature in a natural environment. It is pure white in colour and steadily maintains its flavour, which thousands of consumers in Greece and abroad have come to love.

Feta PDO Barrel-Aged

We have produced Barrel-Aged Feta since our very first days. To all of us Barrel-Aged Feta represents the ultimate challenge, the highest standards set in both production and research level. Our barrels are made by beech wood collected in the mountain Pindos in the Western-North part of Greece. Then the wood goes through a long process that meets the strictest aromas.

Then, as we have been taught by old craftsmen, we use every wooden barrelø only twice. This has been one of the most fundamental ideas in producing our Barrel-Aged Feta.

© photo: notsobigfish productions, cyprus
© photo: notsobigfish productions, cyprus
© photo: notsobigfish productions, cyprus
© photo: notsobigfish productions, cyprus

Feta PDO π

Our Feta DOP π is made the way Feta was made in the old days. It is produced with 100% sheep milk from our area coming mainly from native sheep races. In the production of our Feta π, inatead of any cultures, we use only natural sheep yougurt, this is how Feta was produced centuries ago.

For healthy and tasting reasons, in the production of our Feta π we use less salt.

Taste: The paste is semi hard, creamy and it's colour is white. The taste is sweet, creamy, lactic, round and full to the palate. The aftertaste is sweet, creamy, pleasant with delicate hints of grass and nature.

Goat Cheese

PAPATHANASIOU goat cheese is an aromatic, easily digested and tasty white cheese in brine, which is made from goat milk produced exclusively by free-range goats or goats from selected farms in the region of mountainous Trichonida, whose flora gives our cheese its unique aroma. Its semi-creamy and remarkably soft texture, which is rich in fattiness, along with its buttery nature and intensely fresh flavour that leaves behind a discreet, slightly sour aftertaste, is fully in line with the taste preferences of Greek consumers who are familiar with fresh white cheeses and goat milk.

A lot of patience and passion goes into making this cheese in the traditional way by our experienced cheese-makers working in fully hygienic conditions that protect the pure and traditional character of the cheese.

PDO Protected designation of origin

EU quality schemes: ”Product names registered as PDO are those that have the strongest links to the place in which they are made” Dette betyr at det utelukkende er greske produsenter, som kan selge ost innen EU, med tittelen Feta. Kriteriene for Feta er dessuten at den enten skal være laget utelukkende av sauemelk, eller av sauemelk med inntil 30% geitemelk.



Rules of Differences by Papathanasiou

We think and we do things in a totally different way to the rest of the cheese producers in Greece. Our main differences are

  1. The terrior & microclimate of the Trichonis area - earth paradise
  2. Share the same values with our farmers
  3. The highest quality of sheep milk mainly from autochthonous races.
  4. Less salt, empasis on round & creamy aftertaste.
  5. Take into considerations the trends in the global martes.

Papathanasiou – Meieriet ”vårt”

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