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Designer Ioanna Kourbela
Designer Ioanna Kourbela

The way clothes envelope the unique energy flow of every human body is Ioanna Kourbela's main source of inspiration along with the elements in nature, the hectic pace of life and cultural diversity of Athens, Greece. Her collections reveal the different aspects of a minimalist aesthetic embracing the simplicity and charm of classical harmony.

Ioanna Kourbela


"The garment is the home of the body." An essential truth combined with visual boldness, directs the future aesthetic into the eternal now. The silhouettes of Ioanna Kourbela define their own dimension of archetypal elegance.

Energy from classical and modern art, greek radiance, natural raw materials, vibrant polymorphic forms, and lines that extend motion creates the ethereal but earthly world of Ioanna. The respect towards man and nature, the instinctive comprehension of traditional ideals, and the quest for futuristic harmony constitute her unique design and expression principles.

Having studied fashion design, costume design, and stage design, compelled with a vision to change "the image seen, standing still, at a traffic light", Ioanna Kourbella proposed for the first time in 2003 a subversive fashion concept, an amalgam of simplicity and refuge, thespianism and freedom. In 2016 she won the Emerging Designer Award at the Pure London international exhibition.

Starting with different inspirations, she is currently presenting four prêt-a-porter collections, along with her abrupt haute couture bridal collection, while working in parallel designing costumes for major theater and art performances.

In every corner of the world, people embrace Ioanna's design work, "co-traveling" on an aesthetic journey of self-awareness and self-liberation.


  • The Ioanna Kourbela Prêt-à-porter Atelier Collection
  • A dialogue between Ioanna Kourbela and the art and future she envisions inspired by the elements in nature, the hectic pace of life and the cultural diversity of Greece through experimentation, perpetual motion and dissident luxury
  • Traditional ideals using exceptional materisls in ceramic jewellery, embdoideries and leather goods


The History

In 1971, under the Acropolis rock, in the narrow streets of Plaka, the Kourbela family's workshop opens with hand-knitted knitwear, quickly becoming a reference point for travelers from all over the world.

In the 1980s, the tradition of Greek handmade knitwear, takes life in a new visual innovation and development inspiring collections made of natural yarns, unique designs, exceptional weave and seam, which bring the second generation of the family and Kourbelas' Knitwear to international markets.

When in 2003 Ioanna Kourbela takes over the creative direction of the company, she is at the forefront of a creative and business challenge. Incorporating the Greek element and the ethical production of garments of the family into her own global and transcendent perception of clothing, the designer proposes a very personal approach to fashion, which quickly finds "companions".

Designs inspired by Greek geometry, as revealed in a universal aesthetics. Light travelling in a limitless time. Motion that follows the wishes. Quality, which changes the dimension of everyday life. The body is dressed in natural yarns and fabrics from the Greek earth, which embrace it gently, dictating a new freedom.
Today the company is based in Argyroupoli, Attica. The main group of its people, now up to 40, grows steadily, and is periodically supported by many specialized associates.

In Greece operates the brand's production unit, three flagship stores Ioanna Kourbela in Plaka and the online shop Ioanna Kourbela. The company's collections are located in more than 100 partner stores across the country.

Our Values

Natural raw materials, innovation, production exclusively made in Greece, high quality fabrics and stitching, respect for man and the environment are the concepts that have determined and continue to determine our course. We preserve precious pieces of our tradition and heritage while evolving our know-how in order to take the timeless Greek aesthetics in every part of the world.

We participate and support the global sustainable fashion movement as a natural dimension of our corporate philosophy.

International Presence

The Ioanna Kourbela brand has an ever-increasing appeal to the international markets, as more and more people, from different cultures, find here answers to their need for more quality in their everyday life. The company has export activity in more than 23 countries in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia, through the substantial contribution of our dealers and associates.




Live dialogues of the designer with the art and the future she envisions. Intensity, experimentation, perpetual motion, dissident luxury. Wearable Artwork.



"The garment is the home of the body." A ready-to-wear collection, produced exclusively in Greece in order to communicate in all languages. The timeless experience inspires clothes, which meet the demands of every personality's expression. Vital, therefore "Basic".



The haute couture bridal collection. High-quality weaving, laces, sensitivity and modern vigor. Happiness in shades of white.

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